How to Add Value To Your Commercial Space Through Reliable Painting Work

             So, you decide to repaint your current shop. Or you want to prepare your commercial property for rent to attract tenants. Or you have tenants that have specific requirements, and you want to be sure that the space they are moving into is appropriate for their business. 

Or your building project is in that stage where the final painting comes in. Here is where painting jobs is at the forefront. The final finish is vital for any building project. 

The finish is what gives a lasting impression of the place. It is what the occupants of a building see every time. Even if the building itself has some architectural concerns, a good paint job can somehow save the situation and enhance the space to make it pleasing for occupants and visitors no matter how the overall structure looks.

             Though finishing and painting jobs are not the heaviest or the costliest part of a construction project, it is perhaps the most important in the eyes of occupants. The quality of finish of a business space can determine the price of rental space, or it can be a deal-breaker. Property owners place a significant investment on painting and finishes because of these. Given that painting and finishes come in during the closing stages of a construction process, these parts of the construction project have tight timelines. Though reworking mistakes or imperfections is possible, these corrections take up time and resources and make or break a construction schedule. If done shabbily, it can even turn off potential tenants. It is helpful if only painting professionals are called upon to do the work of painting. They can balance practicality and aesthetics.

Moreover, they have the proper tools and experience to take a holistic approach to a project and give property owners or construction contractors reasonable estimates for the paint jobs and finishes. Best of all, if required, they can do quick but thorough work at the highest quality only specialists are capable of.  New England Paint Pros are one of these specialists. With decades of experience delivering high-quality and prompt paint jobs for commercial and private clients, we pride ourselves on providing a space that you can cherish for a long time, at the right price, delivered at the quickest possible time. Whether it is for commercial painting work or home paintings in New England, you can count on New England Paint pros to deliver high-quality quality for you at the quickest possible time.

Part 1: Preparing for the Paint Job

             Whether it is a small commercial space, a house, or an entire building, there are three primary considerations you should take into account before proceeding with giving the go-ahead for a paint job. Note that this is before going into surface preparations because there are pre-painted places or may need surface work before painters can come in. Though you can save on the cost by doing the job yourself, it is worth considering that you may have just saved ONLY on labor cost. But after going through what it takes to execute a proper paint job, this will convince you to hire professionals for this task. At the end of the project, the cost of reworking imperfections can cost you twice in materials alone, even if it is a small room in your home or a small office. 

Choosing reliable professionals is a crucial prerequisite before even going over the preparation work. You wouldn’t overlook critical items in your paint jobs, such as surface quality, painting strategy, and painting methods appropriate to the purpose of space.  

  1. The scale of your project and other requirements

The scale of the project is an essential aspect of the paint job. Even if you deal with large-scale painting professionals, they may need to allocate the appropriate workforce, tools, other materials, and equipment and schedule them for the job. Is the project required for an entire building? Will both exterior and interior surfaces be painted? Will it be for one room or several rooms? Which rooms will be painted, and for what purpose are those rooms? Another question you should ask, especially if there are only specific rooms to be worked on, is if proper access is available and what schedule the project will commence. Once you have determined the answers to these questions, you can now select the specifics like coating and quality for each room. It is crucial to involve multiple parties, such as architects, interior decorators, and builders, to determine these questions. 

Experienced professional painting contractors such as New England Paint Pros are the best bet to ensure the painting work is high quality and within the budge

2. Budget

Clients and builders usually have a budget set and allocated for the painting job. However, answering the questions on scale and requirements is crucial to determine the paint job’s budget accurately. Involving professional painting contractors such as New England Paint Pros can provide realistic cost estimates. It is also critical to settle the schedule of payments. In most cases, the total construction costs include painting costs. But, if the clients only seek finishing, the fees schedule becomes very important. The painters may require down payment to secure equipment, tools, materials, and surface preparation requirements. Note that some surfaces may need power washing or sanding to ensure optimal adhesion of the paint for the best results in finishing. Missing deadlines and not being mindful of the budget will cost the project more than anticipated. New England Paint Pros knows these and will be with you every step of the way to ensure that the project is finished on time so that you or your tenants can utilize the business space immediately.

3. Color and Finish

The color and finish are what the client and their tenants will be seeing for a long time. 

Therefore, this is arguably, the most critical aspect of any painting job. The finishing and the color depend on the room’s purpose and utilization rate. Rooms that are frequently occupied will require a glossy finish instead of places like storerooms or vaults, which may require matte finishes with darker tones. If the workspace requires messier work like car repair shops, the walls and ceiling will need a different finishing requirement than what you expect for offices. Another consideration is the balance between maximizing aesthetics and practicality. You may want to work with painting professionals on where to invest in aesthetics, preferably in places with frequent foot traffic such as lobbies and visitor reception areas.  

Part 2: Executing the Paint Job

Most people may consider the painting job the lightest work on any construction project. But because the quality of painting or finishing gives the business or private space the most lasting impression, the work that goes behind the paint job has more to it than it seems. Rushing a painting job in exchange for a quick turn-around time is not advisable. Surface preparation is as crucial to a paint job as the finishing itself. The goal of any professional painter is to deliver a high-quality finish at an affordable price delivered at the quickest possible time. New England Paint Pros pride themselves on providing these for their clients, ensuring maximizing value for their business or private space in no time at all. With decades of experience, New England Paint Pros can enable new tenants to move in quickly, thereby gaining value for your business sooner rather than later. 

Moreover, we ensure that the quality of the finish lasts for a long time. Below are just some of the considerations we take to ensure that we deliver the job that satisfies our clients for decades.

  1. Surface Preparation

Most surfaces are not ready for painting. Whether these are previously occupied or newly-constructed structures, there are hindrances on the surface that need to be worked on to ensure that the quality and color required to stand out. Especially in the case of previously-occupied structures, mold removal and other imperfections are essential. Suppose the professional painters you selected have tools and know-how such as power washing and thorough cleaning methods against these hindrances. In that case, they can add a layer of protection for your walls and ceiling against imperfections, such as molds, for a longer time.  

Then comes sanding. 

Many Painters will risk imperfections if they ignore proper sanding. Apply latex on an oil finish or oil on a latex finish first. Appropriate sanding methods will ensure the paint can adhere to the surface with or without primers.

There are cases when a previously-occupied structure has wallpapers. Don’t paint over these under any circumstances. Wallpapers have to be removed first, even before sanding the surface. Ignoring these may result in bubbles or paint chips appearing soon after painting.

Primers are a painter’s best friend. The proper use and quantity of primers depend on the surface quality for painting. 

The surface could be porous, have heavy stains, or be too glossy or dark relative to desired surface color. However, some surfaces may already be perfect for painting without primer. Professional painters know these different surfaces and can help save you money by applying primers only on appropriate surfaces.

2. Safety

Most painters are professionals and are specialized for their specific tasks. They need to protect themselves from safety issues that will affect their health in the long run. Most paints and primers contain harmful chemicals that affect the lungs and may cause headaches and nausea if they take safety precautions for granted. Proper ventilation should be in place when painting work commences. And painting jobs also involves sanding, which results in dust that is also harmful if inhaled. Personal protective equipment such as face masks and gas masks are required. Painters should wear appropriate clothing such as overalls.

3. Consider Windows, Sockets, and Switches

Windows and switches are not meant to be painted over. It is rare for painters to come over to a site when windows and switches are not installed yet. Proper masking procedures should be in place before painting commences. Masking tape is a viable option, but painters usually have blue painter’s tape to ensure that paint doesn’t drip into the window or sockets.

4. Practice Proper Painting Sequences: The Top First Going Down

The proper rule of thumb is to start painting the higher surface before commencing painting jobs on a lower surface. The risk of painting the ceiling after the wall is paint splattering or bleeding down to the walls. Moreover, cutting in is much more complicated if the walls are done painting before working on the ceiling, especially if the colors are different between these surfaces.

5. Undoing Imperfections

Professional painters protect their reputations closely by ensuring no imperfections after the painting jobs. They thoroughly inspect the surfaces to look for paint bubbles that can eventually pop and start more significant defects over time. Note that there can be possibilities of imperfections after apparently finishing the job. Though thorough surface preparation can prevent these from happening, proper quality inspection is still a part of the work to ensure the proper delivery of the product.

6. Testing The Colors First

Painters know that paint chips may not work precisely on surfaces, mainly if the lighting conditions differ from the actual rooms. Painters will need to test the paint on the appropriate textures and check these under different lighting conditions if these will match what the clients selected or agreed to.

7. Use of How Paint Finishes on Specific Areas

The finishing is where the quality of the materials, workmanship, and preparation will match what the clients require. The paint finishes are what the client sees for a long time, and this is what makes or breaks a painter’s job in the eyes of their clients. Getting cheaper materials or doing a hasty job in painting will not bring out the desired finish for the clients. Note that an office or a living room will require a glossier finish in the structure than spaces that are not frequented. But, regardless of the room’s purpose, imperfections shouldn’t be present, and the print quality will last for a long time.

Part 3: Conclusion: New England Paint Pros, the Right Professionals for the Job

       New England Paint Pros are experts in the industry. We know what our customers want. We don’t rush through a job to make deadlines. Combined with the technical expertise we built over decades of painting work and with thorough knowledge of the peculiarities of the New England climate, we ensure that our clients can be provided with the best quality of work at the quickest possible time at reasonable costs. What we seek is more than just a pretty surface finish for your business or private space. We want to maximize the value of your business and personal space that you can enjoy for a long time. Maximizing value to your commercial or private space takes meticulous planning, employment of time-tested methods for preparation and execution, and doing everything within the budget and tight deadlines. To learn more about us, please contact us.

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