Will Wood Paint with Primer brings the best results?

So much has been said about using Paint and Primer in one-coat products. These can be a viable option if you want to paint over previously-painted wood surfaces that are in good condition. However, whether it is for kitchen painting ideas or house sidings problems, having a separate coating for primer is still crucial. The reason is the nature of the wood itself. We will discuss in this article the situations why a primer is still more important.

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Yes! Paint Primer is very important!

Paint primers create a layer that the paint can adhere to. Raw wood has porous surfaces that act like a sponge. The primer helps prevent this by sealing the pores in the wood. Even if it is not raw wood, even well-sanding the wood won’t help the paint adhesion as well as a wood primer can. Here are just six of the situations where primers are still essential when working with wood.

Raw Wood

Working with raw wood is a no-brainer. As mentioned in the previous section, the raw wood is like a sponge that will soak up the paint. Therefore, you should always prime its surface before painting over it. Primers have a higher content of solids that can fill in the wood grains as a surface preparation for the finish coat. In the case of weathered wood, or hardwoods such as redwood and cedar which have a high tannin content, oil-based primer is your number one choice. When you use an oil-based primer, you may need to use oil-based paint or latex paint over it. However, to apply wood primer perfectly, you need the help of paint professionals from New England Paints to ensure the best paint job over raw wood, as well as for any surfaces.

Exterior Painting

For exterior painting applications such as house sidings, an exterior primer or oil primer will work best in most situations. The Best exterior primer for exterior paint applications should be a stain-blocking primer as well. Many hardwoods such as White Oak have substantial tannin content (that is why it is a preferred shipbuilding wood), which can stain your paint later on. An oil-based primer can work best. A high-quality latex primer can also block the tannin in many species of hardwoods.

However, there are many specifics that are unique to every exterior painting situation. You may contact us so we can hear about your specific exterior painting needs. The exterior paint colors in New England homes should be appropriate for our specific climate. And for that, you can rely on New England Paint Pros to know exactly what you need!

New Drywall

Like raw wood, new drywall is extremely absorbent. Though oil-based primers will work best to seal the porous surface of the bare wood and form a smoother substrate, these primers tend to give off more VOCs. High-quality latex primer, being water-based, is a viable option especially because you will paint interior surfaces where you will require primers that won’t give off VOCs.

Changing the Drywall Color

If you want to save on many coats to reach your desired color, you will always need a primer. Notice how the darker color continues to show through the lighter color whenever you try to change the drywall color even after multiple coats? The primer could save you a reasonable amount of time by hiding the darker color before applying the lighter paint. If it is the other way around, when you paint a darker color to cover a lighter one, the darker paint will sheer even after using multiple coats. A primer will help to solve this problem too.

Here is when a tinted primer can work the best. If you buy a tinted primer whose color is close to your paint, then you can achieve a darker color in fewer coats.


Smoke stains, water stains, rust, and other stains are difficult to remove. Stains can bleed through the new coat of paint despite using a primer. A stain-blocking primer is the best primer for these situations. Stain-blocking primers block stains and odors. The best ones are usually shellac-based.

And yes! Primer is good for any previously painted surface.

As mentioned in an earlier section, changing the drywall color isn’t as straightforward as it looks. Whether you will change interior surfaces or exterior surfaces, primers are still very important. In some situations, the wood surface may still need sanding before painting over. To create a strong bond, you still need to use a primer to block the absorbent quality of the exposed surface. If you want to prevent peeling paint, then you need to give yourself an extra layer of protection (literally) by applying wood primers first.

You may also want to prevent mildew on previously painted wood. In that case, there are mildew-killing primers available in the market.

How about the surface preparation of a previously painted surface that is white, then coating it with white paint? In that case, a white primer is perfect.

Final Thoughts: When is the paint and primer in one will work?

The best situation where the paint and primer in one coat will work is for drywall that has been previously painted. However, there is a caveat in doing this. If the paint you want to apply is lighter than the previous coat, then there will be problems. For one, your darker base will bleed through the lighter paint color. That would mean you will need to apply extra coats. Another issue is when you need to paint over a glossy coat. A glossy coat will present a difficult surface for the paint to adhere to, even if it is the paint and primer in one. The only way that paint and primer in one will work is if you are applying a very similar color to what is already on the walls. The advantage is to save some costs and time.

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