Kitchen Painting Ideas for 2022 from the Pros

Given the choice between buying brand new kitchen cabinets or just selecting the perfect paint color for your cabinets (and walls, of course), cost-conscious house owners will surely get the most value by letting their kitchen paint color ideas run free! With the right paint colors, you may find in Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, or other paint retailers, and the most qualified painting professionals to make it happen, you can get the perfect backdrop for your cooking space.

What is the Top Cabinetry Paint Color for 2022?

Among our clients who seek to have their kitchen cabinets repainted, we notice a trend that reflects natural colors, particularly different shades of green. However, we have clients that are selecting other colors as well. We share on the list below the different shades of colors that clients select for their kitchen paint color ideas. The paint colors don’t just stop with the cabinets, it goes to walls and for the ceiling paint color as well.

Different Shades of Green

Among the current trends we notice is that people are preferring natural and organic colors. Not only for their kitchen cabinets but for their other product preferences, especially for millennial homebuyers (which is a growing market sector, by the way).

Green combines well with natural light, especially when you have natural wood tones highlighting the edges. However, a light shade of green (instead of light cream undertones) is also preferred especially to put a modern twist to modular kitchens.

What Works for Older New England Homes

Many of our customers seek to pair perfectly their rustic kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of paint colors. The reason is that many of our clients live in houses that already have these lovely kitchen cabinets in place. Our best work combines taupe walls with basic gray or matte gray ceilings. You can throw in some stonework too. New England Paints are experts in wood painting work. Wood paint with primer will work best for your cabinets, and these will last a long time. We can enhance the color of your rustic kitchen cabinets by bringing out the best colors your wood can express. The kitchen island colors would either be stone or anything that should match the wall colors. Marble counters complete the overall kitchen color scheme. Overall, the kitchen paint color ideas match the exterior paint colors New England homes have.

Blue Paint Never Goes Out of Style

Blue paint, in vibrant shades, is still perfect as an accent color. Blue undertones still work as an overall color. The main advantage of using blue paint colors is their ability to hide stains which the other color choices can’t do as well. If you are creative, you may combine blue undertones with bright yellow (but that is being aggressive). Dark blue can work well with any cheerful shade of basic colors.

Matte Gray For that Honest Look

Matte grey, matte black with matte gray undertones are a contrast to the bright paint colors usually requested decades ago. The preference for “honest” concrete tones relates to the trend our customers are going for the “natural” look. These shades of gray go well with natural wood tones that are preferred for the floors.

Matte Black. Goes Well with Brass Hardware

The best highlights for your cabinets are the appliances themselves. Major brands have retro-themed colors whether they are ovens, stoves, or refrigerators. No other color can best emphasize the sheen of brass than setting it against matte black.

Red Paint Colors: Yes, you heard it.

We were also surprised that some buyers prefer red paint colors for their cabinets. With proper spacing, it can go well with cream or white walls and, perhaps, ball Stiffkey blue paint color for a panel. An astute interior designer can help you balance the same shade of red for your chairs and curtains. Having just a touch of bold color choices is a challenge to balance out.

White Cabinets: still a mainstay

If you seek a gloss finish, white cabinets are still the first choice. White cabinets work best with anything. However, our best examples involve white cabinets with dark marble accents to maintain the flow of colors right to the appliances such as the oven hood and the oven which may come in dark metallic shades. White tones reflect light the best and can save you on lighting expenses. Besides, you need the right lighting when you do your cooking duties.

What Colors Should I Choose?

If you plan to paint the kitchen of your forever home, you may let your imagination run free and look for the best options available to you. If you want a modern vibe for your entire kitchen, the tips discussed in this article can help you have an idea that suits what is best for your kitchen, regardless of size.

If you want to maintain the rustic kitchen feel of an older home, then stay with natural colors that will go well with the beauty of the wood used for your cabinets, or the brass hardware that goes with the kitchen.

If you plan to move out, you may tone down a bit on the color choices and choose basic white walls and white cabinets. You may also use lighter shades of grey, so you won’t have to spend too much.

Finding the most experienced professionals who have decades of experience making New England kitchens stand out through well-executed painting work is still your first choice. You can get maximum value, the right paint color combinations, and a reasonable price that is appropriate for your kitchen, and for how you want it to look. To learn more, you can contact us, so we can start working on making your perfect kitchen.

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