Exterior Paint Colors New England Homes

Whether you have a contemporary-designed home or a vintage saltbox colonial home, you are likely to choose historic paint colors especially if you live in New England. When you look at standard paint colors, you will notice that these are just minor variations of preferred choices dating back from 200 years ago.

The curb appeal of a New England home is about its colors as much as its historic architectural value.

Dark green, Straw yellow, Palladian blue, and even dark colors complement the historic New England home style. Color pallets by Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin Williams present choices that are close to a possible desired period color. From exteriors to kitchen painting ideas, a New England home has a distinctive appeal.

The Paint Job to Match New England’s Architectural Detail

There are many architectural styles that distinguish New England architecture from anywhere else in America. There are five major styles that serve as milestones in New England’s architectural history.

The 17th-Century Colonial Houses

These hardy houses designed to resist the elements distinguished the 17th colonial house from houses from different eras. They are simple and spartan, with no porches, eaves, shutters, window sashes, and trims. These dwellings look old and heavy but can survive the seasons. They are distinguishable for their steeped-angled roofs to shed snow.

These houses present a blank canvas for earth tones with no particular accent color except for the chimney. Later saltbox houses may adapt the cream white or the palest colors, to maintain its hardy and unassuming appeal. Just be careful when you paint over wood sidings. Consider using wood paint with primer especially if you use White Oak as your choice of timber for the same color. If not, be sure to always use a primer first as a base coating every single time. Note that you may need multiple coats or a base primer for hardwoods such as white oak because of their high tannin content.

The Georgian Houses

Their structure doesn’t differ much from their predecessors. However, their roofs are more moderately-steeped, and their windows are bigger, though regular or rectangular. These are more dignified versions of colonial houses, being two rooms deep instead of just one. They have some decorations, but mostly limited to the front doors.

Their paint color varies from mustard yellow, salmon, or blue-green. Examples of these are mostly of uniform color with off-white trim. The chimney placement is commonly right in the middle of the home, similar to its predecessors.

The Federal Style Houses

The Federal Style Houses: These houses are similar to Georgian samples except for their more elaborate detailing and exterior paint colors. The best clue to distinguish one style from the other is the semi-circular fanlight below the crown of the front doorway. Windows are more elaborately decorated than its predecessors. Statelier examples have decorative cornices, and at times, friezes depicting floral or stylized patterns or medallions. These houses begin to adopt balconies, bays, bowes, and porches.

The more popular body color is deep red for the brickwork. For sidings, the popular colors are white lead or creamy white with deep reds for the chimney. Samples of Palladian blue begin to appear for these era houses as well.

The Greek Revival Houses

With bold classical lines, and huge columns, these houses seem out of place in New England, but these really did happen. We see the peak of the house rotated 90 degrees to face the street during this era where the more detailed cornice detailing is more obvious.

These stately houses look best in off-white finishes with minimal trim color selection. These houses rely on structural elements rather than color combinations. The same color pervades the entire facade.

The Victorian Houses

These houses raise to prominence from around the time of the civil war. There is nothing in common between Victorian houses and their predecessors. The designs are subject to experimentation by builders. Even though the alignment of the windows is different and irregular, so are the floor plans. Many Victorian houses have multiple gables instead of just one or two as it appeared with their predecessors.

The choice of color can be as free as its design choices. Historic paint colors that define this period can be considered eclectic. The paint color can see matching deep reds with straw yellow. Sometimes it can be subtle shades of gray with aggressive choices of colors for the trim. Pink and other bright colors aren’t out of place either.

The Paint Job to Match Your Home Style

Historic colors are best applied to historic home designs (or historic homes themselves). Limit your personal choices to only the trim colors, especially your front door, to reflect your personality.

Even for contemporary-designed homes, the choice of colors still reflects historic paint colors. The reason being the climate and the specific conditions existing in New England. All the details of your home will surely incorporate any of the historic paint colors that distinguish New England homes from what you may find in the rest of the country.

What will work best for my New England Home?

The challenge homeowners usually encounter when trying to adopt historic paint colors is how the colors they see on the palettes will look once they apply them on sidings, chimneys, or the overall exterior of the house. It is advisable to try paint colors on sidings or finishes similar to your home exteriors and check it against different forms of lighting, particularly natural light.

The secret is to achieve the perfect patina that reflects New England’s deep history. Simply pulling paint off the shelf won’t be enough. You can rely on painting professionals who have been enhancing the beauty of New England homes for decades. New England Paint Pros are your best choice if you seek to find the best possible exterior paint colors for your home, no matter what era your house design is.

To learn more, you can contact us. We are glad to provide you with the best exterior paint colors for your house that can last for a long time.

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