Three Factors to Consider of Painting Professionals Before Starting the Job

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Whether it is a newly constructed building or preparing a new building to take in new tenants, paint jobs are essential for the construction process.  A well-executed job enhances the property’s value and can fetch a fair price in the market if the quality of finishing is high.  Approaching the painting task requires a lot of care and planning. 

Choosing reliable commercial painting professionals who know what their customer needs is crucial in helping you and your business get the results you want. 

New England Paint Pros are qualified professionals who will be with you every step of the way from conception, planning, and execution to ensure the value of your home or business space.  We know our clients’ needs to give you peace of mind and prompt painting service, so you don’t have to worry about the quick turnaround time.   Surface preparation is also crucial in ensuring perfect paint jobs on the first attempt.

In this article, we will give you a quick rundown on factors to consider before executing and starting painting jobs:

Factor 1: The Scale of Your Project and Other Requirements

The contractor must prepare the required workforce, materials, equipment, and tools before starting the job.  They will need to consider the scale of the project they will be working on.

Is the project going to be for an entire building or just one room? 

Is it during the construction stage? 

Is the building or space currently occupied? 

Is the building or room previously occupied but is now vacant?

How many rooms are for painting?

Is it going to be the interior, exterior painting, or both?

These questions will also determine other supplies and equipment requirements, such as the number of peeling paint removers, power washing, scaffolding, and other things to achieve an optimum surface cleaning to prepare for painting. 

The following questions will concern the arrangement and scheduling of the execution of the paint jobs.

Access to the workspace will require proper coordination with current occupants to minimize the disruption in the flow of work for all parties involved.  This is also important during the construction phase because the deployment schedule for electricians and painters overlap.

The final question is: what purpose or purposes the rooms to be painted are for?

Each room’s purpose requires a specific kind of fresh coat, and it is crucial to involve the clients, interior painting decorators, or builders in these matters. 

Experienced house painting company contractors such as New England Paint Pros can recommend the clients’ approval. 

Factor 2: Budget

Clients or building contractors usually have a budget set and allocated for the painting jobs.  But after determining the scale and requirements for the interior or exterior project, it is easier to make reasonable estimates and calculations for how many resources are needed.

Giving a free estimate is a huge challenge.

Another critical matter is scheduling the payments.  Advanced payments may be required to purchase materials in advance of the job. 

Professional painters may have scaffoldings, equipment, and most of the tools for surface preparation available anyway. 

However, certain kinds of paints are expensive, and some surfaces may require multiple under-coating and will require careful consideration for scheduling the funding for these. But, experienced professional painters can give both a realistic and reasonable estimate to satisfy all these requirements. For business owners, it is recommended that keeping schedules is essential.

Missing on deadline or delays entails its own cost, proving much more expensive than anticipated. 

New England Paint Pros knows these and will ensure the job painting services are finished on time, so you or your tenants can utilize the business space immediately.

Factor 3: Color and Finish

The colour and the finish is the most critical part of the paint job for obvious reasons.  Colour and finish are those that the client first sees and give the space a lasting impression.  Colour and finishes are both the branding and the result of a painter’s job.

Because of its criticality, painting professionals work closely with clients to decide the colour and finish.

However, each finish should be appropriate to the purpose of the room.  Frequently-used rooms may require a glossy finish, and places like storerooms may require matte finishes. The colours to be used depend on client preferences, but colours are appropriate to the work being done.

Regular offices may require lighter shades, while workspaces allocated for heavier and grittier work may need darker shades to hide the stains.  Another consideration is the weather in the area.  Darker shades may not work for warmer climates. 

Lastly, the client may want to emphasize aesthetics as much as possible. 

However, investing in aesthetics can be expensive.  The painters can suggest using the more expensive and high quality products in places with frequent foot traffic, especially for visitors or their customers.

You may now start with your new paint career after carefully considering these three factors.

However, executing these perfectly relative to the nature of your business and how you want to utilize your space may take an experienced professional to pull off.  Note that in paint jobs, the cost of reworking a mistake may cost you almost twice the money that you plan for. 

New England Pros ensures its clients that they won’t have such problems.  We always have our clients’ best interest in mind, and we will make sure you have a quick turnaround time and begin utilization of your business space as soon as possible.

Many entrepreneurs find themselves in a situation where they need to hire someone with Painting Professionals experience. However, executing these perfectly relative to the nature of your business and how you want to utilize your space may take an experienced professional to pull off.

Note that in paint jobs, the cost of reworking a mistake may cost you almost twice the money that you plan for. New England Pro Painting is here to help! We always have our clients’ best interest in mind and will make sure you have quick turnaround time and begin utilization of your business

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