Pressure Washing and Power Washing Services

Residential & Commercial Hot Water Pressure Washing and Power Washing Services

New England Paint Pros are more than just painting. We can also provide excellent service for your power washing needs for a great price!

Headquartered in North Attleboro MA. Serving all of Southern New England, Providence RI, Rhode Island and its Surrounding Areas.

Meet The Power Wash Pros

We are more than just about paint. We are all about enhancing the value of the interior and exterior of your properties. New England Paint Pros are here for your paint needs. But our services don’t end with painting. We know our client’s needs, and we have the experience and the methods to bring out the sheen and luster of your properties using methods and techniques to deliver your needs quickly at an affordable price. Because a perfect exterior painting job requires excellent and clean surfaces, we have also developed into a dependable professional power-washing company serving East Providence and Providence RI, as well as surrounding cities. Whether you need to wash off loose paint, clean outdoor furniture and snow removal, or for your entire house exterior, we promise a fantastic job every time!

Power Washing Services for Providence RI, and Southern New England

New England Paint Pros is a family-operated business specializing in exterior painting for residential and commercial applications, house re-siding, and power washing services. If you are looking to cut through dirt and grime and revitalize the appearance of your property or increase your home’s curb appeal, we assure you that we can give you an amazing job. For any surface that has lost its luster, we will provide excellent service in restoring them in no time.

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House Washing

Best for removing dirt, grime, pollution deposits, mildew, and other signs of aging.

Roof Washing

Removes algae, moss, built-up grime, and pollution.

Snow Removal

Specialized snow removal is required for Rhode Island residents, especially after heavy snowfall.

Deck Washing

Bring back the vibrant colors of wood.

Concrete Cleaning

Remove gum, stains, mold, algae, and grime.

Commercial Power Washing

Remove loose paint, dirt, and grime, and support preparatory work for painting commercial buildings and storefronts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Power Washing?
    Power washing, or pressure washing, applies high-pressure water spray to surfaces that need cleaning. A pressure washer is a machine used to increase the water pressure from its supply end with an attachment designed for a user to direct the water jet.
  2. Can I do power washing myself?
    While power washing can be seen as a DIY project, there are many things to consider when doing power washing properly. For instance, a power washer can unleash water at a tremendous force with a muzzle velocity that is hazardous to both the user and the cleaned surfaces. Professional power washing requires the use of precise methods when doing pressure wash to achieve the quality work necessary for specific surfaces. Pressure washers may end up damaging surfaces if proper care is not observed.
  3. How often do surfaces need power washing?
    Annual power washing is recommended for most surfaces. Power washing may be required more frequently for commercial applications to ensure that your shop front looks enticing to visitors. However, you also need to consider the fragility of the surfaces that require cleaning. Without proper pressure and power washing methods, even hard surfaces, such as concrete and hardwood. That is why you need professionals to ensure you can keep surfaces clean without damaging them through power washing.
  4. Will high-pressure washing damage house sidings?
    If you intend to do the task while disregarding the forces you need to use for cleaning specific surfaces, you can damage house sidings during power washing. To ensure optimal results without damaging house sidings, you need help from professionals.
  5. Can a power wash remove oil stains?
    When combined with appropriate detergents, power wash can remove oil stains even for large areas, especially for hard surfaces like concrete. A pressure-washing wand or a surface cleaner can remove oil stains.

About Providence, RI

Providence is the capital and the most populous city in Rhode Island. Providence RI is one of the oldest cities in New England. Providence was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams, a Reformed Baptist Theologian and a religious exile from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The city was named in honor of “God’s merciful Providence.”

Located at the mouth of the Providence River at the head of Narraganset Bay, it enjoys an excellent location between New York and Boston for both road and sea routes.

Providence’s economy relied on the maritime trend upon the independence of the United States. By the middle of the 19th century, manufacturing in Providence has grown to be vital to the war effort for the Union. Its vibrant commercial and trade have made it into one of the wealthiest cities in the United States by the 1900s. The Fruit of the Loom textile company, Brown & Sharpe, Gorham Manufacturing Company, and Nicholson File were some of the largest manufacturing companies that have been hosted by Providence.